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Mobile App Development

The act or process of developing a mobile app for mobile devices such as personal digital assistants or mobile phones is called mobile app development. These apps are intended to operate on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They can be provided as web apps that use server-side to create an “application-like” experience within a web browser.
JY Technologies provide various mobile application development services, such as bespoke mobile development on iOS or Android platforms, cross-platform app development, user experience design, and the integration of new mobile interfaces such as chat and voice.

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Why Mobile Applications Are Important?

With an increasing number of people accessing the Internet via mobile phones and tablets, mobile application development has the potential to reach a large number of potential customers. According to the PewResearch Internet Project, an estimated 67 percent of American cell phone owners use their phones to access the Internet regularly. According to ongoing research, by 2017, application downloads will have increased to 200 billion, with flexible application income rising to 63.5 billion dollars. These astounding figures are the continued increase in mobile phone and tablet sales.

Advantages of Mobile App Development

1. Enhance consumer interaction

One of the significant advantages of mobile apps for businesses is this. It aids in the establishment of a direct marketing channel between firms and their clients, enabling immediate and effective contact.

2. Enhances Efficiency

Because business applications are custom-built with your company’s needs in mind, they serve as a complete app with numerous functionalities, eliminating the need for several apps. Since this software is tailored, they boost employee productivity and, as a result, business ROI.

3. Construct Loyalty

Portable apps help to increase client trust, notably in the retail sector. One of the most common variables influencing a company’s performance is its capacity to retain current clients, create connections, and strengthen them.
Customers that are devoted to your mobile app are far more engaged. This indicates that people are not only using your app daily and connecting with you through comments and social media, but they are also telling their friends about you. High engagement is more likely to use mobile features, which may help drive additional downloads and encourage new users.

4. Support your Brand

Versatile apps provide an exceptional opportunity for brand promotion. Clients download the free version via mobile applications, where they may alter preferences to meet their own needs. Business mobile application development has enabled clear and direct contact between customers and enterprises by providing instant access to various information at the touch of a button.
Apps allow you to answer consumer inquiries, inform them of discounts or special offers, and provide a platform for them to directly communicate with the firm and recommend services in the way they desire.



JY Technologies Consulting Private Limited can help you define the project plan with your business goals and market realities, whether you’re looking for new mobile app development or want to enhance or remodel your current app.
Businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves and improve earnings while decreasing expenditures in the present economic situation. Many companies fight to remain ahead of the competition, notably smaller businesses.
JY offers various services to assist your company by utilizing technologies to drive people, cycles, data, and innovation concerns.


The team works in one place with a full-cycle development partner, and you can quickly assemble all of the developers for a meeting. The project manager and developers can even meet face to face, review the project’s current status, clarify their arguments, and return to work within hours.
JY Technologies Consulting Private Limited offers mobile development on iOS and Android platforms, cross-platform app development, user experience design, and the integration of new mobile interfaces such as chat and voice. Our services include all aspects of the software development life cycle.


  • MVP

A minimum viable product is a product version with only enough functionality to be useable by early consumers, who can then offer input for future product development.

  • POC

POC is how startups prove a product’s financial viability. An explanation of the idea should demonstrate that the product or idea will meet the client’s needs while also offering a compelling business case for adoption.
JY Technologies Consulting Private Limited provides a start – we create an MVP, assist you in validating your concept in a real-world setting, and optimize your investment in extending to mobile.